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KingsLED R&D department uses its experience in lighting field to help their OEM customers bring their next-generation products to market. There are various ways in which KingsLED supports its OEM customers, every one of which can include expert advice, complete board layouts, prototyping, testing, thermal validation, burn-in tests and pilot production runs:

The main superiority of OEM management
1. Can analysis the situation of domestic and foreign markets objectively and judge the direction of products accurately.
2. Can enhance the use factor and the handling speed of floating capital and reduce the cost to create a higher economic efficiency.
3. Can develop all technology and design strength integrately and reduce the fixed technical person ,display specialized technology fully.
4. Can display special skill each and cooperate the production, reduce the cost, raise the benefit.

The benefits that OEM customers enjoy include freedom in fixture design, leverage of KingsLED's supply chain, optimised system cost and improved time-to-market.

As an OEM product is completely tailored to your requirements, it allows easy integration into the fixture, ultimately giving you more freedom in fixture design.

When producing an OEM product for you, KingsLED leverages its existing supply chain, which means you take advantage of the component managament, production processes, quality assurance and logistics that are already in place. Leveraging KingsLED’s supply chain and component stock results in availability, volume flexibility and short lead times.

What's more,highly automated testing and calibration tools are available from KingsLED for efficient, high-volume end-of-line production testing.

Welcome to be our OEM customers.

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