Brief Presentation
  Quality Control System

R&D Based on Customer Needs
Not only do customers need products and technology, but more importantly, they need solutions that can bring them success in their business. Kingsled has already made the transition from being technology-oriented to being driven by customer requirements, from solely providing products to offering complete end-to-end solutions, allowing the development of our products to be driven by our customers' success.
We will continuously work towards improving our ability to innovate based on our customers' needs.We will invest a minimum of 10% to 20% of our annual revenue into R&D to research new technical.

What's more, we will adjust our product line organization frame momentarily to provide the best service to our customers.

R&D Management
With the experience gained from electronic and lighting fields for 10 years,the mission of KingsLED Electronics is challenging the technology in LED field and share the fruit of the advanced technology with our customers.We will change our product development and planning process, and gradually solved challenges involving the effectiveness of decision-making.we will coordinate development progress at various levels, manage the time-to-market of our products and speed up our response time to market demands.

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