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  Quality Control System
Quality Control System

The product must according to the international advanced standard to be producted. Strict control raw material purchase quality and strengthen to the qualified supplier's appraisal and choice. Strengthening inventory commodity examination to avoid unqualified into the warehousing.

All spare parts after operator self-checking and the professional inspector's examination according to the stipulated document,the certified products can't be permited to inflow the working procedure;To control the factors including person, material, craft, equipment, environment implement and so on that influence product quality directly;To implementate topic technology attack for the question of technical quality.

Carry on 100% examinations to the leaving the plant product, guaranteed that the product conforms to national, the profession or the enterprise product standard request.

Quality feedback
Through the quality information management system and with the modernized method to collect, process and transmit the quality information, process the customer sues in time and provide the scene service as well.

Regularly having quality analysis meeting to process internal feedback of quality information in time and carrying on the craft disciplinary inspection on time.

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